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Your essential toolkit for Move-powered projects

Why Move-based Chains?

Discover the advantages of choosing Move-based chains to kickstart your business.

Enhanced Security

The Move prover ensures contract adherence to invariants and behavior, enhancing security.

Contract Safeguards

Move provides additional safeguards for contract invariants and behavior.

Lower Fees For Your Users

The efficient design helps keep transaction costs down, making it more affordable and accessible for community members to engage and participate.

Efficient Transaction Processing

Move leverages a pipelined and modular approach for high throughput and low latency in transaction processing.

Upgradability and Adaptability

Move's architecture supports instant and frequent upgrades, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to evolving needs.

Powerful Features

Equipping you with essential tools for a successful cryptocurrency project launch.


Coin Creator Effortlessly create project tokens (Coins) using predefined templates and optionally establish decentralized governance (DAO).


Airdropper Effectively and simply market your project by distributing tokens to targeted audiences.


Launchpad Rising funding for your project through a permissionless launchpad model in different ways.


Locker / Blackhole Gain community trust through transparent token locking, while Blackhole implements token burning mechanisms to reduce supply.


Token Vesting Safely distribute tokens to teams, investors, advisors, and moderators over a predefined time period, with support for cliff vesting.


Staking & Farming Incentivize community with staking and farming for active participation and rewards.

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Meet the Team

We are a dedicated team committed to delivering exceptional results in the crypto industry. With a wealth of experience and expertise, our team has a proven track record in:

  • Marketing and Community Building
  • Smart Contract Development and Security
  • Decentralized Fundraising (Launchpad) and Token Economics Design

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Pioneering the Path in the Crypto Industry, Nurturing Growth through Grants, and Embracing Future Aspirations.

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We prepared some common questions for you to look into.

All essential toolkit you need for a successful launch of a Move-powered project token, we provide tools to simplify the startup process for projects.
Currently we have Coin creator, Locker, Vesting tool, Airdropper and more are on the way.
The process of using a smart contract to hold tokens or liquidity tokens for a particular amount of time thereby restricting movement or usage.
Vesting means having ownership of a certain amount of tokens which can be claimed or released on at an agreed upon time.
A tool for creating your own tokens without the need for any coding knowledge. Create your own tokens in a few seconds.
Due to the secure nature of Move programming language, directly sending tokens to addresses are forbidden, thus we provide this tool for sending or distributing tokens to multiple addresses in a single transaction.
Aptools has not issued any token yet, anyone who claims to have Aptools token is scammer.

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